Learn to SnowKite

SnowKiting is an amazing sport that harnesses the power of the wind to pull you across the snow. It's as easy as flying a kite!

An experience for all levels 

Are you an experienced SnowKiter looking to shred some amazing new terrain?

Or is this the first time you've even heard of the sport, but you're curious about trying?

No matter what your level we have something for everyone at LakeRider sports. 

Beginner Packages

Fly a kite 1,2,3:
This 1-hour course introduces you to flying the kite. Starting with much smaller versions than what will pull you across the snow, you are introduced to the safety features of the kite and to the basic skills of flying a snow-kite. This is the fastest way to progress in snow-kiting. Full size kites can be very powerful, by learning with much smaller kites and working your way up to full size your experience will be safer and way more fun. 

Basic SnowKiting 

This 1/2 and full day course takes you up to our world-class terrain above the Columbia river gorge and aims to get you your first experience using a SnowKite. Whether it's your first time and we start from using trainer kites to making your first tacking turns and working upwind. We work one-on-one and in small groups to ensure that everyone is progressing at their level and working on the foundational skills of SnowKiting. 

Advanced Snowkiting

This course is for advanced SnowKiters. Advanced means that you are comfortable and confident in snowkiting already. You can self-launch and land, work upwind and understand good kiting etiquette. These one-on-one or small group lessons are geared toward advancing your skills and developing some new ones. Whether its overland expedition navigation, (for that dreamy kite across Greenland) or launching airs, our world-class terrain is the perfect place to play hard!


We offer tours to visiting SnowKiters. If you are an advanced SnowKiter and would like to explore some of our immense zones with a guide. Contact us for custom tour ideas and planning. We are constantly exploring new areas and love to share our favs with enthusiastic SnowKiters!


We rent the latest Air-Rush Lithium kites along with a selection of harnesses and accessories. Please call ahead to confirm availability before your trip.

What is SnowKiting

SnowKite Basics

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We are constantly expanding our resources for beginners and experts alike. 

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