Lakerider Sports is centrally located in Don Morse Memorial  Park, also know as Lakeshore Waterfront Park in Downtown Chelan.

Hours: 9 am till 7 pm.
**Windy or rainy conditions may cause our hours to change.**

Phone: (509)885-4767


Lake Rider Sports has high quality water-sports rentals to make your Chelan experience as fun as possible. Whether you are an experienced kayaker looking for new challenges, or it’s your first time on a paddleboard, you will have a blast exploring all the possibilities Lake Chelan has to offer.
Lake Chelan offers dazzling sights and lakeside relaxation. Lake Rider Sports is the place to find the tools to kick start fun, adventure, and excitement whether you are by yourself or with family and friends!
It’s our mission to help you discover why Chelan is the summer getaway of choice for adventure sports enthusiasts and families throughout the Pacific Northwest.
We look forward seeing you on the lake!