About Lake Chelan

If you want to relax, have fun, and stay in the sun while enjoying a beautiful and relaxing lake, go to Chelan in Washington State in the United States. This is where the famous Chelan Lake is located. It is huge, and it’s impressively beautiful, especially because of its clear and limpid water. The amount of sunshine is almost 300 days a year.

It is a natural wonderland with a connection between a beautiful lake and amazing nature and breathtaking mountains. Unlike Crater Lake, Lake Chelan is not in the middle of nowhere. Here you can rent rooms in luxury hotels near the waterfront.

Just imagine! Get up in the morning and then go out on the terrace to enjoy the first rays of the sun. And there you see what? A lake, just a few meters from you, a lake as immense as it is magnificent, sparkling blue, soothing warmth. It does not take more to live the best vacation!

If you plan on discovering Chelan Lake State Park and all it has to offer, plan ahead because there are many attractions to visit. Lake Chelan offers many activities for its visitors that guarantee you fun and amazing, unforgettable scenery that will make you go back again and again.