Other Activities

Lake Chelan is a perfect place for families and adventures with its dreamlike scenery. There are many outdoor activities and everyone can find one that suits him.

Family Fun

There are a ton of family activities that you can have on Lake Chelan. Some of them are: Beachcombing at the beaches of the lake where you can search lost treasures with metal detectors, bowling at the Chelan Lanes, water slides for all ages with view on the lake at the Aqua Zoo where you can also play volleyball and float on the river, go-karting at Rally Alley, miniature golf, Field’s Point Landing – a famous trailhead for visitors with picnic tables, swimming and benches, horseback riding at Stehekin Outfitters and Whistlin Pine Ranch, where you can learn how to ride horses, fishing, base camps, river rafting, photography, etc.

Cycling and Mountain Biking

With its numerous trails and epic landscapes, Lake Chelan is a paradise for cycling and mountain biking. You can rent a bike if you don’t have one and start your riding on a beautiful lake or on mountainous tracks surrounded by orchards and vineyards. Some trails for cycling and mountain biking:

  • Pot Peak – 9.5 miles
  • Devil’s Backbone – 13 miles
  • Echo Ridge Summer Trail – 25 miles
  • Stormy Mountain – 1.5 miles

Also, there are biking events that you must visit if you are into cycling:

  • Chelan Century Challenge
  • Echo Valley Mountain Bike Race
  • Cycle de Vine


Lake Chelan is a perfect destination for golfing. There are eight courses nearby in driving distance of the Lake, including the Gamble Sands, that was voted best new golf course in 2014. Here are the courses you can golf on while there:

  • Gamble Sands
  • Rock Island Golf Course
  • Alta Lake Golf Resort
  • Bear Mountain Ranch Golf Course
  • CJ’s On the Course
  • Desert Canyon Golf Resort
  • Highlander Golf Course
  • The Inn


There are many things that you can do and visit for entertainment in Lake Chelan. From Stand-Up comedy, karaoke and dancing, to historical museum and live theater.


Chelan Valley has world-class tennis facilities that will satisfy anyone. Here are some places with tennis courses and teachers that can teach you or improve your play:

  • Beebe Bidge
  • Harmony Meadows
  • Chelan School
  • Darnell’s
  • The Lookout


Lake Chelan area is an ideal place for hikers, with its dreamlike scenery and endless trails and parks. Some of them are:

  • Okanogan National Forest, Chelan Ranger District – 422000 acres with 250 miles of trails
  • Echo Ridge Summer Trails – 25 miles
  • Devils Backbone – 13 miles
  • Pot Peak – 9.5 miles
  • Stormy Mountain – 1.5 miles
  • Chelan River Trail – 3 miles
  • Riverwalk Park Loop Trail – 1 Mile
  • Little Bear Trail – 2.3 Miles
  • Beebe Springs Wildlife Area – 4.4 Miles


We can’t talk about Lake Chelan without talking about fishing. Chelan area has been known for its excellent fishing, thankfully to stocking programs that keep its fish population with releasing every year 100000 Cutthroat and 500000 Kokanee fingerlings into the lake. Typical catches are from 6 to 10 pounds, but it’s not unusual to have some catch around 20 pounds. Largest fishes that can be found are Chinook and Lake Trout. Here are some other fishing spots in the area:

  • Antilon Lake
  • Wapato Lake
  • Alta Lake
  • Dry Lake
  • Chelan River
  • Stehekin River
  • Columbia RIver